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Actually, I am asking these questions to all who are familiar with C-Class or a 1995 C280. Anyhow, I need to take the door panels off the front and was wondering if the wood on them unscrews as well as the armrest portion - I would need to take the wood off and put it on a new door panel, and I may just need to put a new armrest on the other front passenger side door panel. Also, how easy is to change a power steering hose under the car? If I have car ramps, can I do it myself?

Also, another separate issue, I bought the dash hooks to pull out the instrument cluster because I temp indiciator light is out and lights for the engine temp area are dim, and I wanted to replace them, but the guy in parts at a dealer said the steering wheel would have to be taken out to change the bulbs - I find that hard to be true. Could anyhow tell me how to pull it out with the hooks and change the bulbs.

Also, what would you reccomend I put on the front window gear mechanism so that they go up more fluidly - some type of grease, perhaps?

Also, to work the upholstery on the inside of my C-pillar near rear window on the left-hand side is loose - sounds like a clamp is undone which causes an anoying rattle - how hard would it be to fix - the rear window wouldn't have to be taken out would it?

Thanks for all of your help!

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