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Troy: If you are talking about the window regulator grease, MB has a "long life" grease which is used in the regulator slides and also used for the sunroof tracks, also the power seat mechanism if you take one apart. Either try to get this grease, or use Lubriplate. On the C-class, the only models that you can get the cluster completely out without wrecking anything are the models with telescopic steering wheel. Otherwise, take the wheel off, it's not a big job. To pull the cluster, insert the hooks with the tip facing "up", insert 2 inches or so, then rotate the handles so the tips would be facing "in" towards the cluster, then slowly pull the handles, the hooks will index into ribs in the cluster (you'll see how it works when you get it out. FIRM and STEADY are the key words here, no jerking. If you have adjusting steering wheel, move it away from the instrument panel as far as possible. Otherwise I side with the dealer guy, you'll need to remove the wheel to actually REMOVE the cluster. You can try to if you want, but it's not worth the risk. Removing the steering wheel ain't rocket science, a experienced tech could do the whole job, bulbs and all in well under a 1/2 hour. The bulbs you won't have any trouble doing as long as you can look at the back of the cluster and visualize which bulbs must be blown.......Gilly
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