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I own a 2000 ML 320, and I think it drifting to the rights. That is if I have it on a very flat and stright road. If I let got of the wheel the ML will drift to the right. And if I keep my hands on the wheel I will not notice anything. I am thinking it could be the banking on the road. most roads are bank to the right, so I am really not sure.

I spoke to the dealer and they said they will look at. But I am concern that they will put marks on my rims when they put the equipment on the rims to inspect the alignment. Because that have been my experience with my other shops, big O tires. And if they have to balance the tire again they will certainly put marks on the rims.

Is it reasonable for me to expect or (demand nicely) that they keep the rims mark free when they do it, at least when they check the alignment.

And the drifting that I have described is that some what normal.

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