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Cold Starting

The car doesn’t like to start cold, unless I give it half throttle, then it starts perfect.
1987 Mercedes 300e, Porsche 999999, ahhh forget it to many cars to list. I think my car collecting is getting out of control. Went to see a shrink about my car buying habits. I ended up buying his Porsche, just joking. Although I did buy a Porsche from a shrink but I had never seen him until I went to buy the car. Interestingly enough though, after talking with him for about an hour, he tried to tell me that buying expensive and flashy cars could be a sign for a complex, so after I though about what he had said for about a long second, I replied “well why did you buy the car”. He didn’t answer, talk about a hypocrite trying to drum-up business.

I have been part of many a message boards for the different car I own, and this message board is by far the best. Keep up the good work.

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