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Question 1: I read an earlier post about adjustment on power steering gear on a W123 styled MB. It said to loosen the 17mm nut and then counter clockwise on the threaded allen head fitting inside the 17mm bolt. Well, my fitting was I think 18mm and I had to resort to a 3/4 open end as I didn't have one that would fit. I loosened it and then took the allen head fitting and loosened it counter clockwise. Then tightened back up on the bolt. The result was tighter steering but my question is this: Now the bolt and allen head threaded shaft all turn when the steering wheel is turning (with engine running). Is that normal? I cannot remember if that is supposed to be that way or not. The steering is nice and tight now though!!

Question 2: In an earlier post, someone told me that I should NEVER turn my rotors. My rotors are definitely out of true and I wanted to have them turned to take the shimmy out of braking from highway speeds... the thing likes to shake to pieces if I'm running 70 mph and then have to hit the brakes. ON american cars, I turn them when they get a warp to them.. why would these be any different?

Question 3: My turbo diesel in my 300D runs great. However the idle is a little slow. How do I adjust the idle?

Please advise.... Thank you!!
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