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Painless removal

Greetings ML DUDE,

To remove your dash cluster without constructing a tool, simply remove the kick panel, probably four screws in your case, and push the cluster out from behind. If you totally want to remove the cluster don't forget to unscrew the speedo cable, unplug the dash harness and speedo electronics plug as well as the oil pressure brass fitting from the rear of it's gauge. The dash lights are probably emitting from the bulb of two sockets through a fiber optic plastic to the dash. Indirect lighting I think they call it. Check the bulbs for the proper size, Parts shop has them otherwise. Clean the output lense of the fiber light end and you should be back to normal lighting. Got to remember that Benz lighting is what they call natural, and not the green hue that is easy to adapt to after getting hit with someones brights, it's the same hue of light, so it maybe hard to readjust your eyes to see the same color. just something else to get use to on these older Benz's.

Hope this helps, Been there and have already done this one.

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