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Just wanted to add a few things.

If you have the telescoping wheel then you won't have a problem to pull out the cluster and test bulbs. However, if you don't it will still come out but you have to be super careful not to damage the dash or wheel. It's really not worth taking the risk. Keep in mind, if you are going to remove wheel you need to disconnect battery or else the air bag light will turn on and then you'll have to take it to the dealer for resetting. You also won't be able to turn ignition for bulb testing.
As for the C-pillar it won't come out unless you remove the rear seat. This is pretty simple. Press two clips and remove bottom portion, then remove 3 10mm bolts. Two on the side and one in the middle. Also, remove seatbelt bolt 17mm. The top part of seat can now be removed by lifting up and forward. Now you are ready to remove trim that cover the gap between body and interior. Look carefully between body and C pillar panel. You'll see three clips that have to be pushed in (two toward the back and the top one upwards) be careful not to damage anything. Once loose there is one more clip toward the back of the panel. Now the panel is ready to come out. The bottom part has to go slightly forward and then up.


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