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By The Book

Greetings All,

Steve I tried it by the book, MB diesel engine manual, and I did remove the pressure valve and spring as directed to do. I primed the system and got flow from the drip tube then if came to a slow flow within two seconds, and one drop of fuel followed after that, no more flow after that. I was pretty close to the 24 degrees BTDC at that time. Was looking at other posts concerning drip timing and found this method listed at the following site.

Would you consider this to be a better way of timing the pump? I have a question, and most likely it's obvious but I'll ask it anyway for myself and others that want too but didn't. Let's assume the pump timing is off, what indications would let the owner know that? Does the engine miss and hit, lack performance at particular throttle positions, slow to accelerate or what?



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