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Does anyone know where to get a door speaker for a 1990 300E? I posted in the audio section, but had no response. From the looks of things, most in this section are really into high end stuff that requires modifications to fit. I really want to keep my door pod unmodified (no cutting). I tried the parts shop here, but they didn't have one.

Interesting thing is that when I removed the faulty speaker, it really seemed to be well constructed (has a rubber surround instead of foam which would have been disintegrated by now). I got a new Aiwa Cdmp3 player (nothing like 150+ songs on 1 cd!) and it stopped working soon thereafter. didn't burn out the speaker as I originally suspected it would have. Instead, the braided wire simply broke next to the cone (too close to fix). I wouldn't mind putting in an aftermarket set, but I can't find anything at the different speaker manufacturer's sites that has the proper dimensions to fit without cutting. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not sure what the proper name for this type speaker is (mid-woofer maybe?) but it's appears only for bass.
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