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I have a ARV on an 84 Cali car that certainly never had a trap oxidizer. The ARV allows the turbo to "freewheel" by allowing boost to bleed off back out to the turbo inlet. As I understand it, this happened at part-throttle conditions like highway cruise. I suspect emissions reasons? I disassembled the valve cover and placed a 5/16" nut in the spring well to increase the spring pressure on the valve seat so that it would likely never open again. I also plugged up the vacuum line that controls it. Turbo lag is significantly reduced on the highway when transitioning from cruise to acceleration. Whe you take the valve apart you will find a rubber diaphram with a plastic center piece and a rubber seal on the back that seals the opening on the pressure side (outlet) of the turbo. This is what you want to keep closed and thats the reason I increased the spring pressure. Good luck, RT
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