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Thanks for all your help especially vinAMG and Steve. I don't have the car right now, but will get it next week. About the C-pillar area, the reason I think something is loose back there is becuase of the following logic

I tapped the right side of the upholsetery and it sounded all put together, but when I tapped the left side, something felt loose or like a clip was broken - would it be one the clips vinAMG was talking about that could have come loose and could cause a vibrating rattle over bumpy or uneven pavement - ie: if car isn't on perfectly smooth pavement - I hear the rattle and it sounds horrible for back-seat passengers. I don't think its anything in the the rear-deck area, but something in that C-pillar.

Also, I can buy just door panels (no armrests or anything else) for $269 USD from a place in Florida, but the wood lip on the inside of my front door panels that snaps into the clips near the window sills is broken/bent - I was wonderig if it could be fixed. I'm really thinking I need new(unbroken) door panels - is it wise to get them from a wrecker/used parts place - I can them for as little as 100 a side, but was wondering what would be the best thing to do or should I just get new ones which are quite expenseive and will run 650 USD dollars which seems crazy. Steve - do you anywhere where you are that would have ones like mine - look the picture below to see what mine look like:

About all the other stuff, I will be starting on it when I get the car back.

Sorry about all the questions - I just figured that since the car is six years old, it has a few problems that need to be fixed and then it will be good for a while.

I appreciate your help and will let you know how everything is going.


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