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Hey guys I have two problems.
First the 94 C280.
It has an occasional hard start. Maybe 1 out of 20. The long cranking comes out of the blue no matter what the engine temperature is. I've posted before and tried the following advices.

1. Checked the updated relay, it has it and I even tried switching with a 95 C280
2. Changed spark plugs and checked all connectors
3. Changed Fuel filter
4. Checked relay in trunk for fuel pump (cleaned the contact points in relay)

The long cranking seems to happen more often now. I just found out that if a depress the accelerator before each start the long cranking will never happen.
Now I'm led to believe that the problem is fuel (electrical) related. Maybe injectors or some kind of sensor.
Any ideas?

My other problem is minor on the express windows on 94 S420.
The front windows sometimes don't go up all the way. It'll get 2 inches from the top and stop then go down a little.
It only happens to the front two. I've reprogrammed numerous times, but it happens shortly after reprogramming.
At first I taught that it was some kind of pinch protection. But I've tried holding the windows while going up and I couldn't set it off. They are pretty strong.

I got one tip from a MB tech that sounded weird. He told me to take off the motor from regulator and then press the window button. It is supposed to confuse the computer, and then reinstall. Is this worth trying?
Also, he told me that he had a similar problem like this one and ended up changing the control unit.
Any ideas?


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