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Thank you for the sage advise and direction. I will just get new rotors and bearings... you are right, it is really not that expensive to get new front rotors. As for the stearing, I have just about an inch of play in the stearing wheel... maybe a little less, but play nonetheless. It drives me nuts because it is all over the road... the stearing is smooth when you do it, it's just that play that you have to compensate for... how can I adjust it in the car? i.e. without having to remove it from the car?

As for the idle adjustment, is this something ok to do with the car running so you can have someone sit in the car and tell you when you get to approx. 750 RPM? I guess I could just do it by ear, but I want it as low as possible but still idle enough to stay above sputter range.. 650 is just too slow an idle (which is about where it looks to be by eyeballing the tach).

Thank you for your help!

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