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Originally Posted by vanagony
How can I change the oil filter in my 86 300e without oil spilling all over the place? I tried piercing the top of the shell without much luck. I think the check valve keeps the oil in the filter.

86 300e 190Kmi
I've never had a problem with spillage after puncturing the filter, (maybe just a drip or two, but I take care of that by wrapping a rag or two around the filter base before spinning the filter off), but I puncture the filter at the very beginning of the oil change job - before I even remove the pan plug, and I usually leave the plug open for at least 15 minutes including jacking the right rear up to get the last bit of old oil out of the pan. After taking it off the jack I install the pan plug, then change the filter, and add the new oil.

You need to give the filter as much time as possible to drain down before you spin it off.

If a drip of two does get spilled and misses the rags I just spritz the area a few times with mineral spirits in a spray bottle, then wipe up the little puddle when it's finished dripping on the floor.

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