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Now here's something for you all...

A couple of days ago when I started my car I felt the smell of smoke almost immediately. It smelled like burned cable/plastic. Then I saw white smoke comming out from the hood at the right side (inside view). I shut off the car and opened the hood. I didn't see anything strange so I turned the ignition back on and the smoke started again. The smoke was comming from a point between the container for washer fluid and the edge of the car. It's very tight so I coundn't figure out wich cable it was. From where the smoke is comming there's 3 rubber tubes and 4 cables. I eliminated the possebility that it was the rubber tubes which leaves the 4 cables. 2 of them going to the washer fluid container. 1 to the right turn signal. I couldn't figure out where the 4th is leading. I turned the ignition off again and pulled/shaked the cables I could reach (Just moving them a little). When I turned the ignition back on there was no smoke and it hasn't come back. It had rained/snowed all day so it was a little wet. No fuses had blown (maybe indicationg that it's a non-fused control current??). I guess this has happened once before. That time I didn't see the smoke but I recognized the smell. Except hoping for a warm and sunny summer without rain - What can I do?? Picture from where the smoke was comming:
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