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300E Hesitation

I'm waiting for warmer weather & vacation to work on
mine. But I am still considering the EHA, and the
Air Flow Meter (the whole unit under the distributor.)
When I made a long curved spray nozzle, and connected
this to a can of Gumout, and sprayed it up under the
distributor, by holding down the air flow round vane,
the engine performed wonderfully for about a week!
I have heard there are some sliding pins in there, that
can get sticky, or the Air flow position sensor, that
I may have affected with the Gumout. I have checked
the throttle stops/microswitch, all OK. So, I will
look at the Distributor, and associated soon. With
the EHA disconnected, like I said in a prior post,
cold start is trashy, but warm running and fuel mileage
are 100% improved!!! So I feel it is electronic in
nature. (PS: I also get a CHECK ENGINE, NOT during
rough running, but after a hard run, stop, then after
the second start (like after I stop on the way home from
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