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Not impossible?

MBenz, Done! I swapped out both sending units Sunday morning with an oil change. The one on the back of the oil filter canister was truely a pain. Easy to get off since it was loose and 1/8th of a turn at a time to put back. I only wish that I would have replaced it with a new sending unit. I borrowed from a spare engine that has 120,000 miles. Well I will get replacement and swap out with new one on my next oil service. This seems to have resolved my pressure problem, I will post after I can put 20 - 30 miles at consistent highway speeds.

I have a new issue that I believe I caused myself somehow. Since I completed my wrenching Sunday. The motor does not shut itself off when the key is removed. Any clue as to what I have done. I was foolish and did not remove the battery cable when I started and subsequently hit the positive side of the solinoid whith the 17mm when re-installing the oil sending unit. Well the stop lever on the fuel injection assembly does what it is supposed to, however I am baffeled as to what needs to be done to get to a more expedient method of shutting off the engine.
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