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Originally posted by petef
Alex, My w201 has had the same issue. The dealer (done with those guys what a bunch of hacks) did me a favor of hacking up the plastic shroud around the motor and not snapping back in place the spring steel pieces that hold the shroud together. It is not that difficult to see if the plastic shroud is installed correctly. If you are going to the trouble, I would replace the motor. The one in my w201 is still factory with 203,600 miles, so I doubt the bearings are the issue.
Yeah, its a pain to get all of the fasteners around that shroud back in place. I also did the job on an '87 300E. Its the same idea of taking a section of the fire wall, and the wiper assembly out. If you get it wrong , you'll ahve motor noise, heat, smell from the bay into the cockpit.

You cant readily get the bearings separately. The /rebuilt/replacement/new unit is complete with fan rotor, bearings etc.
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