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Hi Steve/doorpanel picture

Thanks for clarifying some of the issues, Steve.

Here is a picture from of what my door panel looks like - wood (zebrano) and everything else, except my color is grey with panel being lighter gray and top of door panel being a darker grey - please reference the earlier pic I posted for the color. Anyhow, I really want both front door panels that look like this new or used (without broken elements) Please let me know what you can do for me.

As the far the lights go (in the US) - non AMG C-class never had them in the front air dam - for all 94-2000 models - fog lights were always on inside with dual filament hi/lo on the outside of the assemblies. Only AMG c36/43 had foglights in front air dam.

PS - I live in Dallas, TEXAS - what would shipping rates be from the Netherlands and are they afforadble?


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