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The european C class never had fog lights in the bumper either. What I meant was that the pre 98 models have the fog light besides the grill and the high beam below the low beam unit. The after 97 models have the high beam units besides the grill and the fog lights below the low beam units. All the units (low beam, high beam and fog light) are cased in the head light units.

I presume that you have power seats as well? I have only seen ONE W202 C class with power seats in the Netherlands yet, so to get a new wood trim will get me to the MB dealer.

Do you have a cloth interior or MB tex interior? The gray color you have in your car will be the MB Orion gray...(similar color as I have in my car).

I recently send a 7kg box of wires to the states for $50...I don't know what the door panel sized boxes will cost though...

Let me know what kind of interior you have and I will ask around.

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