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560SEC ridding a bit harsh lately, 68k. I had the rear actuator done about 8 months ago. It was working but would not keep the height up after shutting her off. The ride was sweet, little harsher than my buds 420 but nice. Highway is mint, most roads are mint but I am starting to hear more than feel every bigger bump including those damn road reflectors. Is this the spheres or something else? Where should i check for leaks. I also need to lower the rear suspension a tad but it has been that way since before I did actuator. About 2 months ago I added some fluid to my resevoir and since then it has gradually gotten harsher. Did not overfill, it did take a qt. I have been keeping an eye on it and level is good. Closest I can think is they never topped it off after they did the actuator. Any ideas and let me know what to look for. Thanks, Nick
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