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A/C compressor kaput

Can you be more specific on the reason your compressor 'gave up the ghost' because it leaves many avenues open for repair. Is the clutch OK and energize?
Is the RPM sensor defective? Is the compressor locked up/frozen? What was the prognosis given?

If it froze up then the lines probably have trash in them which needs to be addressed. Also the expansion valve and drier should also be replaced. Nippendenso compressors are built like an aluminum engine block that can't have its cylinders lined or replaced. Because of this, some rebuilts use cores that should have been trashed and not put back into service as they will repeat themselves and cause more headaches. One headache is the finger pointing saying it wasn't installed correctly and the lines flushed properly so the warranty is!

So tell us what the reason of failure is for better advice.

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