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That 88 300E, like all 300E's (with the 103 motor anyways, there may have been 1 year where a 300E badge was actually a 3.2 liter 104 motor) had a spin-on oil filter. I usually get the motor up to operating temp and begin draining the oil. Before putting the drain plug back on s-l-o-w-l-y loosen the filter. If you do this quickly, the oil will mostly end up on the ground. I like BMW's oil filter wrench better, I bought it to maintain my BMW K75S motorcycle. If there is a Beemer shop near you, they probably stock it. I like it better because it has a 3/8" drive hole on the end, so all I need is the filter wrench, extension and 3/8" ratchet. With the MB one, you also need a large socket to drive the filter wrench. In the shop I work at, we did get the oil sucker, we also got the from the BMW source, much cheaper than the MB tool. It really works well. I was testing it for quite a while. I would suck the oil out then raise the car up to pull the plug. In all cases the amount of oil was insignificant that ran out. On a few engines absolutely NO oil came out of the drain hole, most notable the modular V6 and V8 (112 and 113 motors). One problem motor for the oil sucker is the 111 motor, which would be the newest 4 cylinder (C220, C230, C230 Kompressor, SLK230 Kompressor). We are only supposed to suck (OH, excuse me EXTRACT) oil using the dipstick tube itself as the extraction tube. We are not supposed to use a suction tube or probe. On the 111 motor, the dipstick tube won't work worth squat as a suction tube, don't know why. We use a suction probe instead (DON'T tell the Germans, I'm warnin' ya). MBenz: Well, all W124 300's had 6 cylinders, as long as they were 300 "E"'s, 300 "D"'s of course were one less cylinder than that!.......Gilly
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