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Remember I had the rear camber problems after lowering the car with H&R springs? Well Saturday I fabricated some cam style bolts to put in place of the stock lower control arm bolts just like you said. I can now pull the lower control arms in about 1/2 inch each, and it looks VERY professional!!! This is great, but for some reason now, the car feels loose in the rear end. I'm thinking it might be the rear tires loosing traction (they're worn to hell on the inside because of the camber problem), or it might be the bad bushings that connect the control arm to the hub (when I had the control arms loose I could tell the bushings needed to be replaced). Anyway, my questions are:

1. Have you ever encountered this "loosness" in the rear after adjusting camber? (Maybe it's my imagination?!?!)

2. Do the bushings be replaced separately, or does the whole C-Arm need to be replaced? Are there any other bushings in the rear that I need to take a look at?

3. I'am going to do a rear wheel alignment tomorrow morning...can you tell me what you think would be good specs. for camber and tow in the rear now? Remember the car has been lowered almost 2in. with H&R springs...

Thanks for the help.....Peter
Peter Balias
1992 400E
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