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Jason M.
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Well, before you get scared about "suction/extraction" this and "$20 dollar filter wrench" that, changing oil on these cars is much easier than what might have been portrayed. You really dont even need to raise the car, and if you raise only the front end, the car will not be level and some dirty oil will remain in the back of the pan. So just lay a towel down on the ground and "get down" under the car.

What you'll need

Oil Filter L24466 (Purolator) or M1-205 (Mobil One)
(Knecht,Wix,Napa,Fram, Etc will do aswell)

7.5 quarts of oil ( I use Mobil One 15w-50)
13mm Wrench (factory plug, yours may have been changed if lost by a quick-lube place)

(Possible)- Oil filter wrench, Should slip over the closed/round end of the filter like a cup and has a place to insert a 3/8 drive ratchet extension (you'll probably need a 10 inch long extension) (No more than $5.00 for the wrench itself)

1st: Open hood, and remove oil cap, then position oil drain container under car

2nd: Take box end of 13mm wrench and loosen the oil plug on the front drivers side of the car's oil pan.

3rd: Finish unscrewing the bolt with your fingers, making sure to hold onto the bolt( Dont drop it in a pan full of oil. ) The oil will begin draining into the pan. Set the plug somewhere clean where you wont get sand on it.

4th: Once oil drain slows to a dribble, remove the oil filter, using the wrench if necessary. You can let the oil filter drain into the pan of used oil.

5th: Replace plug (REMEMBER TO DO THIS BEFORE ADDING OIL ) BTW, make sure its good and tight

6th: Get a bit of clean oil on your finger and rub it around the new filter's gasket. Screw the new filter onto the car(Do not use the filter wrench to put a filter on).

7th: Carefully pour 7 quarts of oil into the engine, check dipstick level and ad the needed portion of the 8th quart.

8th: Put the oil cap on and you're done

Best of luck in all your D-I-Y adventures

Jason M.
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