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A 103 engine only takes 6 1/2 quarts of oil, 6.35 to be exact, do the math! 103 engines with 4MATIC take 1/2 a quart more, 7 is close enough, 6.85 is more exact. ON MB engines, they want to avoid overfilling the crankcase. When you put in the appropriate amount of oil, the dipstick should show about in the middle of the normal range. If you are taking out the oil by the drain plug, you should replace the copper sealing ring on the drain plug. Don't get the drain plug TOO tight, only about 15 nm or so, just for reference. NO I don't use a torque wrench for this. Nor do I expect someone who changes their own oil to buy an oil sucker, I just thought since the topic came up that a few folks would be interested in my observations. I was damn skeptical about using the oil sucker, being kind of an old fashioned guy about this, but the observations I made won me over to it. I still will pull the drainplug after using the oil sucker if it is an engine type I'm not sure I've tested yet!......Gilly
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