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I just wanted to update this thread, beacause I found what all the grief was about. I recently went under the hood to see if everything was working O.K.

I replaced the choke spring mechanism with the old one that I took off the car earlier (the one on the car right now isn't 100% compatible, it is probably from a 1975 or 1974 230) and the car reacted the same as I mentioned above. It runs for a bit, sputters, dies and hard re-start doesn't keep running.

I believe the electrical part is shot. This could also have affected my temperature gauge because the wire giving power to the choke warmer is also connected to my temperature sensor (and the gauge has been giving trouble for a LONG time, probably since I bought the car.)

I will be searching the internet for a compatible replacement choke spring. The dealer here has one for CDN $250 !!! Until then I'll leave the semi-compatible choke spring on there.

If anyone can help with this part (already tried Partshop) I'd appreciate it.



1976 230.4 W115
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