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Water Wetter

This is a corollary to what's going on here but not directly related.

Saw a post re the use of a wetting agent to lower the operating engine temperature. Product is called "Water Wetter" by Red Line Oil. This is the first that I've heard of it so I gave it a try. Check out this direct link:

My engine temp runs around 90 - 92 deg C when warm (ambient temp around 65 deg F) in driving in stop/go traffic. Also "estimate" that the mix was more like 60% antifreeze/40% water.

Replaced some of the antifreeze by siphoning off about a 1 gallon so mix was about 30%/60%. Then added 1-1/2 cans of Water Wetter introduced into the small overflow tube after removing the fluid from the overflow reservoir.

Lowered temp to around 83-85 deg C using same conditions as above.

Some words from Water Wetter site:
Under moderate load conditions, each percent glycol raises cylinder head temperatures by 1F. 50% glycol raises head temperatures by 45F. This increase in temperature will raise the octane required for trace knock levels by typically 3.5 octane numbers. A car equipped with a knock sensor will retard the timing to compensate for the increase in octane requirement by approximately 5, which will reduce the maximum brake torque by about 2.1%.

I'm impressed with the stuff!

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