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What I want to know is why did Mercedes use vacuum locks in the W202 C-class on the 1995 model and what other models had vacuum locks - the new ones don't have vacuum locks do they? I sure hope not - I can't see a good reason for them to have used them. I'm so mad at the vaccum locking system right now because after my new dash was put (airbad erupted from accident last June 1) in there is a leak in the vaccum lines inside the dash area that is causing the pump to hum over and over as it attempts to pressurize the locking system - it does this at start up for a while and then when I hold the car in drive/nuetral/reverse with foot brake it makes that noise, it doesn't do it once the car is moving and at any rate goes a way after about 5-10 mintues of driving the car.

Anyhow, Mercedes doesn't know what a pain the vacuum locking system is when a hole erupts in one of the lines - damn - why can't they be electrical. Even a 1993 E36 BMW had electrical locks.

Someone please explain why MB used vaccuum locks and what good are they at all!

*Also if anyone knows how to pull out a US spec Dash with dual airbags from a 1995 c280 please let me know, and it something I can do myself with the right tools.

Thanks a lot,

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