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I keep this information at home! MB gave all us roadside techs a full set of those discs. What the heck do I need 'em at the shop for, we got everything already! Oh, they put 'em in a real official looking CD-ROM case, too! OK, here we go: Socket 1 is Black with a pink stripe, Socket 2 is Yellow with a green stripe, Socket 3 is Grey, Socket 4 is Green, Socket 5 is White, Socket 6 is Blue with a red stripe, Socket 7 is Black, Socket 8 is Black with a red stripe, Socket 9 is Violet, Socket 10 is Blue, Socket 11 is Green with a black stripe, Socket 12 is 2 Brown wires, Socket 13 is Yellow, and Socket 14 is vacant (no wire)......Gilly
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