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A/C and Heat

Ok all. I have a problem with my 400E heating and cooling system. This problem only started to happen this morning. I went outside, and started her up. Fired up, no problem at all. Then after letting her warm up for a few minutes, I left, and started driving as normal. I stopped at a stoplight, and pushed the button combo for heat. Nothing happened. After a few more minutes of driving around, I played around with the buttons. I then noticed that heat was coming out of the vents. However, there was a little pressure. It is doing the same thing with air conditioning. I came home, and parked it in my garage. I checked the fuses, and there is an external 15 amp fuse that is seperate from the box, and it goes to the ventilation system. This was blown, so I fixed that, however, there is still no heat, and there are no blown fuses in the fuse box.

Thank you in advance, Justin.

P.S. My father thinks that the car is getting back at me for parking her outside. This is the first time she has been left outside in the 2.5 years of ownership.

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