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Hi all,
About 3 weeks ago I had a problem where the car would not start and this caused the battery to go completely flat hence I had to have the car transported home, I then replaced the battery and the spark plugs and the car seemed to be fine, I then went on holiday to the Windy City and I had someone start my car everyday, on my return on Monday I also started the car and it was fine. The problem occured on Tuesday morning when leaving for work the car would not start, that evening I had a callout mechanic have a look and he told me that the car has no spark and no fuel and thinks as there is no fuel cut out switch on this model that it is either the crankshaft sensor or the alarm that is playing up. Any help on this problem will be much appreciated.
TIA Bobby

1993 320ce 24v (Carat Duchatelet) 80K Miles
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