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"UH HUH". Sure, you can VERIFY your diagnosis by having a known good part (gives ya a warm feeling all over), this statement about "methodical diagnosis yielding contradictory and confusing results when the basics are overlooked", that sound like hogwash to me. Doing the test, that's all about basics. When your doing a test, say an electrical test, your checking power supplies, grounds, input and output signals, the works. Eventually on a test like this, on a car as complex as anything MB has produced for the US in the last 30-35 years or so, they're going to say "replace the control module" when enough has passed the electrical test, and USUALLY they are right. Lets say on this guys car, the fuel pressure is the problem. Gonna throw a relay at it? Hope not. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen a car towed into the shop someone couldn't figure out with a fuel pressure problem. Oooo, nice new fuel pump relay some "other" shop threw in (just keep throwing parts at it til it runs). Too bad the damn thing was out of gas!!! Hey! Ask 'em if they want THE FUEL GAUGE FIXED, TOO!!!.......Gilly
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