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I started pulling the engine today. It's 90% disconnected, tomorrow I hope to have it removed from the car, then I get to start disassembling, cleaning, and listing all the parts I need to buy. More photos to come as I get things apart. I expect this is going to take 2-3 months total. I'd like to have the car back on the road before April, and sooner would be preferable of course.

BTW - my original timing cover is casting number 603-015-00-01. And, I found in the CD-ROM service manual that they did revise the cover several times, at least once to prevent cracking. Apparently MB removed the ribs on the driver's side and added one on the passenger side, or something like that. I'll take photos of old & new next to each other when I get them. I can't upload the PDF file because the forum has stupid 65kb limit and the file is 100kb. It's on the CD-ROM in the OM603 engine section, file 01-211.pdf.

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