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Originally Posted by hihosilver
I need to do a valve job on my 86 300e( guides)and I picked up a head from a 89( iwas told) so I could do the valve job and have the head ready to go, I already bought new guides and valves does any one know of any problems should look for besides checking the head for cracks, the head cam with the cam and rockers also, thanks
Make sure the head you have does not have the air fitting about 1/2 way back the exhaust side.
MY 90 and up cars had air injection, 86-89 did not.
Tell your machine shop to not use "whiz wheel" grinding discs on the head.
These cause more problems than they solve,IMHO, and are not allowed in our building. Be sure rockers are numbered when removed, and reinstalled in the same position.
Todd Haven
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MPH Automotive
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