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Police-are they here to Serve or Harass the Diesel Motorist?

I know I am the son of immigrants, and I am very grateful to be here and I should not complain. Nor am I upset at the Police, who are people just trying to earn a living. Its probably not an easy job, and its thankless.
I am upset at the System...
Yesterday was beautiful and we took our Dog and our 300D 85 to Cape May. What should've been a great day ended in misery--I got a ticket for doing 35 in 20 mph zone, on a road only local peopple would've guessed had a 20 mph speed limit. It was wide and staight, and I was driving as most of us do, guaging speed by the other traffic and conditions.
Two days ago I got the same type of ticket up here.
Anyone knows a 300D 85 is not fast. I'm a safe, conservative driver.
I do know 15 years ago, the police in Delawre would've laughed both tickets off and let me go on my Way.
Here in NJ, the police sometimes overdo it.
I often have seen minivans with harassed housewives, with two or three kids , definitely Al Queada operatives with explosives in their pocketbooks pulled over for minor traffic violations.
The reason is police are broken down normally into State and County, which is usually some 50 departments in a Big State. Here in NJ we have State and Local Jurisdiction which means, some 350 local departments are trying to live off the driving public.
Traffic traps are a big source of Revenue.
When I see so many traffic traps, sometimes I wonder...are the police overstaffed? The neighborhood here are safe...
Moreover, the State Insurance industry has some of the highest rates in the Nation.
Why I have the more points (and am in danger for losing my license) then a weaving teenager with a Tuned Car doing 100 , or a motorcyclist doing 120, both true threats to the public, is beyond me. Some of it is all my fault. Maybe all of it is, and I am being saved from my own destruction by losing my license because I am absent minded. Perhaps I am the one is wrong.
But dont they know I have a 300D, the safest car in the world?
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