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I've had the car for about 4 years, and no, I have not changed the oxygen sensor. when should it be changed?
ANS: only when the Lamda tester says it's broke!

also, i put my finger up the exhaust to see if there was substantial soot in it, and there wasn't. does that mean its not TOO rich?

Again, guys, I'm looking for some non-techy ways of detecting an abnormally rich mixture, because the fuel consumption is not THAT high - its 18-19 mpg, as compared to 22-23 mpg earlier.
ANS: There is no NON-TECHY way to determine proper mixture! Your dealing with a car not a dog! Touchy-feely doesn't work with a car!

Also, what does the fuel-air mixture screw adjust? someone told me its meaningless to adjust it, since the computer will turn it right back. Then why does it exist at all?
ANS: Give it a few turns and then watch the fun! Don't touch it without a Lambda tester AND know what to do!
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