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MB Doc: Yeah, that's what gets me every time I gotta replace an amp with the new style with coding plug, gotta cut that wire, there's an SI about it, man that's an old SI. I never new about this analog vs digital stuff. I thought the whole reasoning behind the coding plug was that MB could sell the same amp for lots of cars, but have different coding plugs, which represented the chassis/engine combinations. Anyways, that's what the teamleader says, he's been a MB tech since our dealership got the franchise for MB in '72. What's the deal with calling the cruise module an "amp" anyways? I figure MB thinks they'll get sued for causing people to turn into stutterers by saying "cruise control control module", especially mechanics and parts guys. SIX TIME Master Guild!? Holy Crap, that's alot of German beer! I got Master Guild last year (2000), first year I was elgible due to not being able to go to training for the first 3 years I was working on MB's (long story). I'm waiting to see how the new TRP will turn out, ain't had a training date since it started. Wondering if they'll even still have a pewter model for Master and Master Guild. The pewter model I got for Master is the "last" one, last serial number, so it would really be something if they don't do the pewter models again. This whole new thing they're doing this year, I just don't know how that's going to work out, we'll see, I guess. Wonder if you got Master or Master Guild in 93, I think it was, the year they used the 300SL Gullwing for the pewter model, THAT would have been a good year to make Master.......Gilly
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