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Billy B
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I just bought a nice 1985 190E that had been (improperly) stored for 7 years. It reportedly has a blown head gasket though no water in oil or vice versa. I could use some help to see if I have forgotten some items to service. I thought I would change (flush) the brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, filters, clean up all the fuse contacts (there is no fusebox cover) and replace the porcelain fuses with glass type. I'll inspect and replace any rubber hoses or belts that are showing age or wear. Then I figure I'll need to drain the gas tank, install a filter before the fuel pump (is it outside the tank?) and flush the fuel line with several gallons of fresh gas or lacquer thinner. Should I buy one of those flush the fuel rail and injector kits? Am I forgetting anything important? Should I drain and change fluid and filter in automatic trans?

Thanks for any help.

Bill Buttermore

1985 190E 109K
1988 Caravan 223K
1989 Crown Vic Police 196K
1989 Toyota Camry 233K
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