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The front camber is adjustable as it has always been on the 210 chassis, just not in the conventional manner. Instead of the typical eccentric caged washers as in the past, it is now done with camber bolts. There are only 3 different positions the camber adjustment bolts go in, either in a center position, or they are removed and installed into the positive or negative position. I'm sorry I can't remember the degree change between the positive and negative versus the central position. If I remember correctly the bolts that are adjustable are not installed at the factory, you need to buy the adjustment bolts as a repair item. I am suspicious that the info about the rear not being adjustable at all is incorrect, but I'm not sure, I don't do alignment work as a rule, but now that MB is "forcing" a new alignment rack at us, it sounds like we will all need to be trained by the factory to do alignments, so I may get more experience in this area soon....Gilly
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