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Sounds like you have most of the bases covered. I don't know if I'd do the trans oil (or alot of the other stuff) or not. One thing is to check the tires for "dry rot" or "checking" of the rubber. Be sure to air the spare tire up, it's probably flat by now. Also the belt or belts (I can't remember if a 85 was serpentine, or V-Belts, may still be V-belts in 85. You should try finding out when the last actual "maintenance service" was done, you also didn't stae how many miles the car has on it, so makes it tough to recommend too much. You may be going a little overboard with the flushing out the fuel lines. Maybe a new fuel filter, it is under the car back by the rear axle "under" (over, actually) a black plastic cover. I would highly recommend buying the fusebox lid, don't wanna drive it around too much with the lid missing, you could short out the whole box when it rains heavily. You wanna be careful about the head gasket. It is possible that the head gasket leak runs from coolant passage to combustion chamber, I've seen these fill a combustion chamber with coolant overnight and cause a hydro-lock with associated bendage of the affected cylinders conrod. If you ain't actually bought it yet, you may be wise to make sure this hasn't happened already. It'll probably also need a wiper insert, I think the 85 also has the tiny little blade at the base of the arm, neat little early 190 details you should endeavor to preserve. You may need to order this stuff, but it'll be worth it. Also in regards to the fuel system, get out what you can, fill it with fresh gas and a couple bottles of techron, change the fuel filter, that should do fine. I am unsure what you mean by "glass" fuses, I have only seen the ceramic type......Gilly
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