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Oh, I see now where it says 109K on it for miles. Yes, the trans oils should have been done at the 90K service. If it has been "out of the service loop" for awhile before being put in storage, then I'd recommend going ahead on doing the trans oil and filter, and may as well check the spark plugs (original Bosch Super only, none of this platinum crap), should be .032" gap, if it's over .040, replace them, no regapping. You may also find on a 85 with 109K on it that the valve stem seals are either worn out or dried out and not sealing very well, so it may need valve stem seals, not too bad of a job. Wouldn't doubt that the A/C system has a few dried up seals, so if you like A/C, you may need some attention there as well. Don't forget to look the brakes over a little too. Make sure the parking brake cables aren't all rusted up, and check the brake hoses over for signs of dry-rot and cracking.
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