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This is a little long and complicated, so bear with me. As some of you may remember, many months ago someone put superglue (or something) in my driver's and passenger side door locks. I didn't get it fixed immediately because I could still open the doors from the trunk, and the cost of a new door handle plus installation was around $500.00. Well, last month someone hit my driver's side door, and I figured that since the door handle would have to be removed to replace the door panel, this would be a good chance to replace the handel and not have to pay for the labor. So, it was done, the door looks as good as new, but there is a strange problem with the central locking. I could take it back to the body shop and have them fix it, but I'd rather not be without my car for a day is this is something I can fix myself. Okay, so here is the problem:
If I use my key to lock or unlock the driver's door, all doors and the trunk unlock (normal), however, when I am in the car and I push down the door lock on the drivers door, the other locks do not lock.

If I push down the passenger side door lock before I start the engine, all locks will lock (normal), however if I push down the passenger side door lock after the car is started, only that door locks (also normal), but as soon as I turn off the engine all the other doors lock.

Finally, if I lock the front passenger side door when leaving the car (by pushing down the lock and closing the door, as the key still does not work on that side), all doors lock, but the next time I unlock the driver's side door with the key, only that door will inlock, and sometimes it will try to "suck" itself locked again.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. The car, by the way is a 560SEL. Thanks!
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