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Benzmac....... I did what you suggested and nothing and the fan still did not come on. I got out a manual I had, and it said if I didn't have a new relay to put in to check it, to do this...... which was remove the relay and jump across the #30 and the #87 on the relay socket. I did that, and the fan came on. So, it said I can assume the relay is bad. But, how can I really check it out? The relay may be fine, but something may not be activating the solenoid to make contact. What else can I check? Or is the relay in fact bad? Many thanks.

I would like to add that I am approximately 200 miles from a Mercedes dealer, and I really don't know of anyone close to where I live to work on them. I live in the boondocks. I used to work on major home appliances, so I am reasonable familiar with tracing out things if I just know where they are and what items to check.

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