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This is for an 83 240D Diesel with a vacuum pump, not intake manifild vacuum system. This part is about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and part of the engine vacuum system.
It is located driver side of engine compartment on line leading from Diesel Vacuum pump and is close to the Engine Shutoff Valve on rear of engine.
It is black and grey in color. There is a 5/16" vacuum hose connection in front and a 5/16" vacuum hose connection on back.
Most importantly, it has an orifice on the side with a hose leading to the Engine Vacuum Shutoff.
The part has a Cone Taper on Front and a Cone Taper on back.
My daughter snapped the orifice off; I was trying to teach her how to time injection pump.
What is this part/part number? I cant shut car down conventionally--need to use clutch to shut off.
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