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Ruby Tuesday
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1987 420SEL 222,347 miles
What if any harm can arise from minute traces of fluid in the plastic vacuum line leading from the engine to the modulator. I disconnected the line at the modulator and allowed to drain towards the ground. Total removed was about three to four drops. At this time I suppose it would have been wise to capture the drippings on a piece of white paper to determine it`s origin (engine oil/tranny fluid)!!
This is the second time in three weeks that this has occurred and it has me thinking maybe a change of t/modulator though only last year the new style was installed and yes the transmission shifts ever so smoothly.
The tranny/modulator was calibrated and set at the MB dealership. A wi$e inve$tment.
On a second note. What can I do to plug up a leak in my exhaust at the cat where the two pipes go into the cat. The leak is dead center between the two pipes as they converge into one. Would welding the small (3/4") seam (opening) do for now or perhaps some type of patching material. Plans are to eventually replace the cat just before inspection and other work is completed.
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