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Jim, if you don't know the answer to a question, or don't want to answer it, then don't, but don't write nonsense it your replies. If you are confusing a car with a dog, its your problem, not mine.

Some people have given very useful responses to my question above, and I appreciate that.

There doesn't have to be a "techy" answer to everything. Even in a car, contrary to what Jim feels, there is this skill about being able to "feel" your way. Let me give you a specific example. Whenever I take my car (16 yrs old, 113K miles) to the local MB dealer, they adjust everything to "specs". And what does that mean? I have to go back to the dealer everytime to get things adjusted right. Many adjustments are always screwed up (idle too low, mixture too rich, etc. etc.), because what they are adjusting to is the "specs", not realizing that these specs are for new cars - 16 year old cars are all different, you cannot set all old cars to the same "specs", as each one has different wear patterns. This is where the skill and experience (the "feel") of the mechanic comes into play. In new york, I had this guy whom I used to go to everytime. you know what he used to do, each and every time? After his tech guy would be done with my car, he would take it for a drive, come back, and make some adjustments WITHOUT ANY GADGETS, just based on what he felt what the engine beat was, throttle response, etc. - and the car used to run like butter, fuel economy wonderful, etc.

Some people have that feel, some don't, so if you don't have it Jim, don't give me that crap about "touchy-feely not working in a car".

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