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First of all I would like to thank everyone for their submissions.

jjrodger: When I say that my passenger feel the gear change I don't mean I'm "jerking" them around. The actually feel something under the car! (Sounds like a horror movie...huh?)

I enjoy driving a manual car, the feeling of control although I must say that I could live with the tip shipt if forced to.

I've taken the car back to the dealership today and invited the sales manager and service manager to take the vehicle for a test drive. The sales manager sounded surprised to hear the noise while the service manager played it down by saying that the sound was caused because of a backlash. And I believe him. What I can't understand is why Mercedes cannot fix the problem. I've never heard a noise like this in any other car and I've driven quite a few.

Lebenz: Yes Merc does tend to dismiss problems than resolve them. That's exactly what I'm experiencing. It's really frustrating.

I wouldn't mind if they changed the box in my next car to an auto if this problem is a "feature". I just don't see why I should pay the small fortune for an auto when it's the Merc product that has the problem.

Again thanks for the support.

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