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...hold on, hold on you lot ! what I saw in Benzmac's reply was a few nickel and dime bits. What were they, distributor cap, rotor, plugs and wow, a fuel pump relay ! These are not really out of reach items for most MB drivers are they ? If the bloke had complained of a coughing engine and the reply came, " well matey, we are going to have to replace the engine, then the transmission and oh ! if that does not sort it out, we are going to pull the drive shaft and diff out for a shop overhaul ! " Of course you would walk away from that, I would.

I reckon Benzmac has given all of us sterling support, certainly since I starting using this site anyway and if I were him reading these lambastings on his professional integrity, I would frankly, be a little pissed and inclined to pull the plug on the lot of you.

Wake up, smell the flowers and buy yourself a spare set of plugs, almost as cheap as the few beers we all owe Benzmac for his support.....HIC ! Cheers people !
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