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Wm. Lewallen
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This has nothing to do with AC, although I have converted two of my MBs to the R134a and with very good results. What I'm writing about is that I always see you listing your 1973 280SEL-4.5 as one of 8,173 built between May 1971 and Nov. 1972 and sold on the East coast for $10,875 and on the West coast for $10,885. You probably know all of this, but thought I would post it for everybody else to see. I know you must love your rare Mercedes.
The oldest Mercedes I ever owned was a 1949 170V.
The rarest I ever owned was a 1968 250SL. Only two were made that year.
I won't bother to list all the Mercedes I have owned over the last 34 years. Let's say I've owned a few.
Bill Lewallen Lexington,Ky. Home of Jiff Peanut Butter.
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